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Tired of spilling coffee all over your car, stroller or hands? We were too. That is why we invented the The Little Green Plug, which holds a patent pending status. Gently slide the Plug into the siphole (or sip hole) of your coffee lid and presto, no more spills, wasted coffee, messy coffee lid stickers, stained clothes or scalded hands.

The secret is in the material we use--soft and flexible, so it will provide a sure seal in your siphole (or sip hole) and at the same time won't crack your coffee lid. Other plug-type options use ridged plastic that cracks lids and does not provide a sure seal every time. Remember, sip holes in coffee lids from your favorite coffee shop have small variances in size. These differences are small, but are large enough to still allow coffee to sneak through. So if your plug can’t adjust to those variances, you will be wearing your latte. To account for this, we use soft, flexible, elastomere rubber so that you get a sure seal every time. Also, simply put, with its eye-catching lines and wonderful green hue, the Little Green Plug has unmatched beauty that allows it to double as a piece of art if needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive tons of questions here at Little Green Plug. Below are some of the more common ones. Feel free to submit your question by clicking this link.

How can I order a Little Green Plug?:
Click through to www.littlegreenplug.com/purchase.html

What is the Little Green Plug made out of?:
We considered many materials that would have the right characteristics to be heat-resistant enough to stand up to boiling coffee, flexible enough to fill the coffee lid siphole (or sip hole) snugly and durable enough to make it through the dishwasher. Oh, and at the same time the Little Green Plug had to be sleek and beautiful. We had a crack materials engineering company formulate the right compound for the plug so that it would perform as expected. After a painstaking procoess, they figured it out and ended up using an amalgam of different materials to form the Little Green Plug.

Does the Little Green Plug keep your coffee drink hot longer?:
Yes. We will be publishing results from our study within a couple of weeks.

What was the inspiration for the Little Green Plug?:

It was at this Starbucks on Balboa
Island (CA) that the inspiration for
the plug was born.

One lovely spring morning in Balboa Island, California, our founder was trying to push his two kids in a double stroller and drink his Starbucks coffee at the same time. After setting his coffee in the stroller's cupholder and walking one hundred feet or so, he looked down to see the coffee had splattered all over the top of the stroller, his phone and keys. After cleaning up the mess, he had a mission from the coffee gods. On that day, he took up the task of plugging the coffee lid siphole (or sip hole) once and for all. A few months later, the first prototype successfully stood up to rigorous testing and the decision was made to go to market.

Where do you manufacture the Little Green Plug?:
Right here in the good old USA.

What lids is the Little Green Plug Compatible with?:
We are still building that list, but here is a short list for starters:
-Starbucks (National): Yes
-Brewsters: Yes
-Burger King (National): Fits, but version 2.0 will seal better
-Caribou Coffee (Midwest): Yes
-Fuel (Pacific Northwest): Yes
-It's A Grind (California): Yes
-Dunkin Donuts (National): Yes
-Seattle's Best Coffee (Western United States): Yes
-Carl's Jr. (Western United States): Yes
-McDonald's (National): Bad lid design. Does not fit.
-Spanky's Coffee (Southern United States): Yes
-Second Cup Coffee (Canada): Yes. It fits eh!
-The Bitter End (Michigan): Yes
-Camille's (Southern California) : Yes
-Tully's (Western United States): Fits, but version 2.0 will seal better

***Find another fit for the Little Green Plug? Let us know! E-mail us at info@littlegreenplug.com.

Does the Little Green Plug come in any other colors?:
Yes. Panther Black. Does that sound cooler than just "black?" :)

Why is Little Green Plug green?:
Green is the favorite color of the founder.

Are there other products that do the job?:
One other good disposible plug out there that is sold direct to coffee shops is the Sip Klip (www.SipKlip.com).

Will the Little Green Plug make me more popular with my friends?
Yes. Showing up at work or school without coffee stains can't hurt.

Will the plug help me attract members of the opposite sex?
Yes. According to dating experts, sparing your girlfriend from scalding hot coffee spills by using our Little Green Plug coffee lid plugs earns you about as many points as a dozen long stemmed roses would.

Do you think the Little Green Plug can put an end to the long standing Middle East conflict?:
We can't make any promises there. But the Little Green Plug will keep your coffee in the cup no matter where you are from.

Is Starbucks Coffee trying to crush you?:
No. Starbucks Coffee is not trying to "crush" us. We help their customers transport their coffee more safely (with our coffee lid hole plug/coffee lid sip hole plug) and without creating the additonal waste (napkins, lid stickers, etc.) that trying to plug the coffee lid siphole (or sip hole) creates. It is a win-win.

Are you sure Starbucks Coffee is not trying to crush you?:
Yes. Starbucks Coffee has better things to do than bug us. We are a little company...A Little Green Plug company.

Do you sell the Little Green Plug internationally?:
Yes, plans are in the works to sell the product in Japan and the UK.

Can we sell the Little Green Plug at our retail location?
Yes. Click through to www.littlegreenplug.com/retail.html

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